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All new homes look beautiful from the outside, but what really defines a home's quality is what you can’t see. High Performer Buildings are all about Quality to the Bone. Core material selections from the slab to the roof with combining benefits that really deliver a new standard of construction. Premium results without a premium price tag, High Performer Building is a true mark of quality.

Why would you build any other way?

 At a  time when building cost sore and quality is under pressure in an attempt to control those cost, Trade Innovations presents a suite of premium building products that deliver true value for money. 

The collective benefit of using all the products together in one building, presents outstanding performance that is undeniable. 

If you want a stronger warmer slab, a stronger straighter frame, Insulation that last, floors that are solid and quiet and will never squeak, as well as cladding and linings with a premium finish, then a High Performer Building will not disappoint.

Working with progressive Builders, Designers, Developers and Distributors, Trade Innovations is challenging tradition to change how we build in NZ.


High Performer Building’s are built on quality products that are designed to last. Products that deliver the best results in their field without costing the earth. For a product to be selected as a High Performer Product it must help the building perform it’s key objective; to protect it’s inhabitants keeping them warm, dry and safe for as long as possible. Therefore a High Performer Building must be warmer, dryer and stronger for longer.




High Performance Slab systems

Innovative concrete slab system that’s warmer, stronger and better for the environment.

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Modern Insulation

High performance sustainable insulation. Friction fit 100% polyester insulation made in NZ and designed to maintain warmer, healthier environments.

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J Frame

Engineered Timber

Reliable, Straight and durable LVL gauged framing timber for a stronger building.

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DragonBoard Mgso4 flooring

The next generation magnesium flooring board. Feels and sounds solid to walk on. Water and Fire resistant for added protection.

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Acoustic rated floor systems

Cost effective, lightweight solutions for intertenancy floors and executive homes to reduce noise between levels.

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High performance linnings

A wet wall and ceiling lining that’s strong and durable. Smart finish that’s designed to withstand toughest environments.

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USG Boral Plasterboard

Solution Driven Lining systems

World leading plasterboard systems with innovative boards designed to perform in diverse environments.

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Premium Fibre Cement

Solid, durable fibre cement with a high quality, smooth finish across its entire range.

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The Roofing Store

ARCHITECTURAL Roofing and cladding

Innovative systems that deliver elegant results with revolutionary coatings that look smart and are simple to maintain.

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Adjustable Deck Joist

Preformed, adjustable joist that change the game for membrane decks.

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Innovation Partners

Challenging industry standards and traditions to change how we build in new zealand


Trade Innovations partners with progressive designers and builders who are committed to raising the standard for excellence in New Zealand construction. Combining innovative products with smart thinking they deliver buildings that perform better for their clients.

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